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posted Apr 16, 2014, 8:41 AM by Anthony Lai   [ updated Apr 23, 2014, 4:20 PM ]
Buddies, we didn't keep you update for a while, and we have got a wonderful Year 2014:

Research and Conference
AVTokyo 2013.5
Darkfloyd and Zetta has given a talk at Tokyo about "China is a victim, too". It is all about studying attack logs for the Single's Day (ecommerce day in mainland China) and analyse the attack trend and pattern as well as payload.

Researchers, Alanh0, Captain and Darkfloyd have presented Forensics and APT case studies respectively. APWG is a well-known organisation against Phishing for 10 years already, it is an international conference with professionals and practitioners from 19 countries.

They will head to Amsterdam in early May to give a workshop of Network Forensics Kungfu at DFRWS Europe, which is one of the top forensics conference in this planet

APT Research
Researcher Ran2 has finally wrapped up his research under his blog ( about APT attribution and DNS profiling, it is recognised and referenced by Harlan Carvey, who is the Windows Forensics expert, and SANS (

CTF Games
We still keep playing CTF game, please kindly find our world ranking from here:

For recent Plaid CTF 2014, please kindly find our write-up here, please stay tuned.
CurlCore: by Darkfloyd

  • Darkfloyd may give a talk and sharing session in Tokyo at NPA (National Police Agency) in September.
  • CFP submission to AVTokyo and CodeBlue :-)
  • VXCON 2014 is coming (Dec 2014)

Contribution and Others
  • We are invited as an advisory member for an information security round-table discussion by Hong Kong Government
  • Operation Saving Private Records:We have reported data leakage cases to PCPD from PDFOnline. We are interviewed by TVB and NowTV.
  • We have reported critical Web vulnerabilities for Macau web site(s) to Macau CERT.
  • We have got Domi and Lena to present at our VXCON 2013, they are readily talent and thank you so much to their coming.

Keep moving, buddies ;-)