Conflict Resolution

The Cadet Program encourages the resolution of concerns at the lowest level possible. All concerns will be treated with respect and professionalism.

Parents should:

  • have a contact number for the Commanding Officer or a member of the staff
  • ensure that your child has a number for the senior cadet in his or her flight
  • bring concerns to the attention of the Commanding Officer as soon as possible
  • make an appointment - parade nights are busy

Contact the Sponsoring Committee for matters that concern fundraising, how money is spent, committee decisions and recruiting.


Cadets are expected to:

  • treat everyone fairly and with respect,
  • not exclude anyone,
  • help protect others,
  • respect personal boundaries; honour NOs,
  • tell the truth,
  • listen,
  • not dominate others,
  • not misuse power / authority,
  • control anger,
  • not harass anyone,
  • not abuse anyone,
  • be responsible,
  • use good manners and be polite,
  • avoid yelling, bullying or intimidating other cadets,
  • use proper ranks and titles,
  • respect the environment, and
  • get help if I need it.

Staff are expected to:

  • promote tolerance and respect for others,
  • ensure a safe and healthy training environment,
  • be professional and lead by example,
  • provide quality instruction,
  • protect the best interests of cadets,
  • treat cadets equally in selection for courses, ranks and awards,
  • enforce rules and regulations, and
  • promote learning.

As a cadet you have the right to:

  • be treated fairly and with respect,
  • belong,
  • feel safe,
  • be included,
  • learn,
  • seek help,
  • be heard,
  • make decisions,
  • be protected from harassment, criminal offences and child abuse,
  • use the law, and
  • say NO to unwelcome behaviour.