Cadet Responsibilities

There are no costs involved with joining an Air Cadet Squadron. However, there are expectations for all cadets. These include:

Attending all training nights, training activities, events and parades

It is important for cadets to attend ALL scheduled activities. Cadets who do not attend parade nights regularly will fall behind in their training and will not be a successful cadet. The same applies for weekend training. Attendance at special parades such as the Annual Review is critical. If your son/daughter has a legitimate reason why he/she cannot attend a squadron activity, call the squadron number in advance. NOTE: by attending all activities over the years, cadets will accumulate the Community Service hours required to graduate from high school.

Keeping informed on current and upcoming activities

They do this by remembering information passed on at training nights and reading/keeping various handouts. They must share all that information with parents/guardians. In addition, parents/guardians are allowed and encouraged to attend the ‘closing parade’ on regular Tuesday training nights when much information is disseminated to the cadets.

Taking part in fund raising activities

Although there is no cost to join a squadron, cadets are expected to take part in fund raising activities such as "Tag Days" and selling Air Cadet League Lottery Tickets. These activities raise some of the necessary funds to help the squadron plan and conduct various training, citizenship and social activities.

Taking care of the uniform

Each cadet will be issued a uniform when she/he completes the intake program. It costs the Department of National Defence approximately $400 to outfit each cadet. The squadron has a fixed budget to purchase uniforms each year. It is critical that the cadet takes care of his/her uniform, keeps it cleaned and pressed and turns it back in to the squadron when he/she leaves the squadron or outgrows the uniform. Each cadet is given training on how to look after the uniform. This information is also included in the Level 1 Handbook. Ask your son/daughter to share this information.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

There are permission forms for weekend training, summer camp applications, information bulletins, training schedules, etc. This information is sent home for you as well as the cadet. Please ensure that forms are property completed and returned in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about each cadet’s responsibilities and duties, please contact the squadron Commanding Officer.