Winning Isn't Everything

Post date: May 20, 2015 12:49:47 AM

Facts and Figures is a page I wanted to include on the website to give parents/athletes information on youth/collegiate sports that may not be common knowledge to them. As the saying goes, knowledge is power! In 2012, 71% of graduating seniors left their institution with an average student debt of $29,400. (Source:

In 2013, 418,903 girls participated in high school volleyball. If every college/university used every athletic scholarship available to them, there would be 8,930 available, 5,780 if you take away junior colleges. For 4-year institutions, this means about 1.4% of high school athletes would be able to obtain an athletic scholarship (and due to budget restrictions, the actual number of scholarships available is lower than this!).

For the men, it’s no easier. 52,149 boys participate in high school volleyball, and due to a much smaller number of collegiate teams there’s was only 171 scholarships in 2013 for NCAA, and 144 for NAIA (Again, due to budget restrictions, there may be even less available.) (Sources: /

In 2014, a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health showed that 70% of youth athletes no longer are playing their sport by the age of 13. Furthermore, after asking young athletes why they played, winning was ranked 48th. (Source:

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