How Important is Work Ethic?

Post date: Mar 23, 2015 4:07:55 PM

Which is more important talent or work ethic? Talent is overrated sometimes.

A talented athlete without willingness to prepare will not be successful in the long run. Bringing up work ethic is one of the best things a parent or coach can do for the kids in sports. We found some good suggestions for parents and coaches to develop a good work ethic in their kids.

It's always important to be mindful of how we affect kids in sports with our words. Parents and coaches may have the best intentions, but kids often hear the tone of your voice before they hear the words and are able to ascertain their meaning. Remember that facial expressions and body language are a large part of the formula too!

How to Bring Up the Work Ethic?

  • Praise kids’ effort – not the results
  • No false praise. Don’t praise, if the effort was clearly lacking
  • Let kids know that athletes who have the work ethic will be successful in the long run, over the natural athletes
  • Teach kids they often can’t control the outcome, but they can control the effort they put to prepare
  • Tell kids you consider them a success, when they have had the will to prepare – no matter what the result is