Coaching - What Should I Expect

Post date: Feb 11, 2015 10:05:59 PM

As a coach of many years, I can tell you that philosophies and approaches to training are as varied as there are people. There is no "one right way" to do anything when it comes to sport, but many coaches have developed a style and a philosophy over many years, which is probably an historical combination of many people in their past. Eventually we all find our way and coach mostly within our own comfort zone. What you want to do as an athlete, is to know your own tolerance level for "X" as well as the "style" of coaching that best suits your own personality. We all learn by different rates, speeds and means, so there is nothing wrong with you if you cannot relate to a particular coaching style. Just know that you have choices, and when it comes to selecting your next YMCA, club, sand or even HS team, you may be able to make a more informed choice. Below I outline two different style programs. As you read through each one, think about how you might feel if you were on a team in such a program. Excited? Happy? Bored? You decide what you want and then go out and find a good fit!

Coach Already Knows It All •

Mistakes Are Not Allowed •

Fixed Mindset •

My Way or the Highway •

Athletes Learn to Follow •

One Size Fits All •

Athletes Watch the Ball •

Regimented Learning •

Coaching Shark - Circling Mistakes •

Glad Practice isn't till Next Week •

Emphasizing the Outcome •

Coaching by What They Think and Feel •

Athletes Specialized - Great at One Skill •

Coach Expects Machine Like Consistency •

Parents are the Coaches Enemy of MY Kids •

Drills Are Many and Based on Opinion & Current Fads •

Success is based on the Team Record •

Coach Plays Who They Want •

Train According to Our System •

Coach Centered •

• Coach Is a Lifelong Learner

• Our Training Site is an Exploratorium

• Growth Mindset

• Athletes Think and Question

• Athletes Learn to Lead

• One Size Fits Each

• Athletes Learn to Read and Anticipate

• Guided Discovery

• Coach Catches Them Doing it Right

• Can't Wait for the Next Practice

• Emphasizing the Process and Mastery

• Use of Stats and Video to Make Decisions

• Athletes Good at all Skills & Great at One or Two

• Coach Understands the Impact of Variability

• Parents are part of the Team for THEIR kids

• Drills are Few & Principle Based with Subtle Variations

• Success is How Many Athletes Keep Playing Next Year

• Coach Explains Team Roles to Each Athlete

• Create What is Needed

• Athlete Empowered

Remember, there have been and will be successful programs under each style. Some programs may combine elements of both sides of the chart, though one style will likely be more predominant. The important thing is to consider your optimal learning atmosphere and sense of self-worth. As the club season reaches the half-way mark, and the tryout season is months ahead, now is the time to give consideration to these areas. A Happy Player is the Best Player!