Serve with Purpose!

Post date: Feb 11, 2015 8:31:59 PM

Once you have mastered the basics of serving over the net, every player wants to become an asset to their team by serving with purpose. Simply put, this means that when you walk to the end line to serve, you have an expectation that you will make something happen, and you can visualize this outcome. Taking it one step further, you have a specific plan to execute this skill. Some common purpose-driven ideas would be to serve to a particular zone or player, causing undue stress on the offense. You might choose to use a jump topspin serve, knowing that your opponent does not pass well against a spinning ball, or you could opt for a floater for the same reason. You might want to serve short to allow the back row setter less time to transition to the net, and possibly cause a cluster situation. You may even go for your ace serve. Whatever the reason, always have a purpose and a routine when you take that ball to the end line. And don't forget to hustle to your defensive position as soon as you let loose on that awesome serve!