How Can I Spike Harder?

Post date: Jan 23, 2015 8:47:55 AM

To hit the ball harder, you just need to swing your arm faster. When you simply try to "hit harder" you tighten up the muscles in the shoulder girdle and cannot unleash as fast of an arm swing as you might have. Swing fast, swing faster, but remember, when you first start to swing faster, you are not going to be as accurate. That comes with the territory of learning to feel what a fast swing "feels" like. Accuracy will Tiger Woods has said, "I hit the ball as hard as I could and found the fairway later." Much of the power in serving and hitting comes from "torque", which is the same twisting action that baseball pitchers use to fall off the mound, only hitters have to do it in the air. The key is to open up after you take off, and as you swing that fast arm to close off, slam the door with as much power and speed as you can. Like the arm swing, timing is vital and takes a long period of time to learn for most players. Just remember, "Open the door, Slam the door," and you'll be a terminator in no time! from John Kessel