SCOD Initiate

Welcome to SCOD, the Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development! You have come to the land of SCOD, where individuals have worked together to build alternative and environmental architecture on a 100 acre woodland site. Do you have what it takes to get along with other freaks, sacrifice commercial industrial consumer attitudes, and actually make a new way of life?

You stand at the gates of SCOD. Through the gateway you can visit some of the garden dwellings first; or go straight to the main public building, aka the Medieval Pub. The ESP House looks like a liberal, socialist, artist built it. The RWS House looks like a conservationist, libertarian, scientist built it. To Republicans though, all SCOD buildings look like wacko hippy communist immigrant fags built them. The bottom line is SCOD buildings are built by people that love nature.

The choice is yours, be true to yourself!

A. Visit the ESP House

B. Go to the Medieval Pub

C. Visit the RWS House