Drogo's Books

Books Produced by Drogo Empedocles:

MOSS: My Old School Short-Stories (Compendium)

Stories of Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure (Action)

Pitcher of Immortality - Byzantine Role-playing

Multiple Choice Adventures:  ISS V1;  ISS V2 ;  ISS V3

Harpers Ferry Houses

Harpers Faery Magic Bible

Harpers Faerie Chronicles

Hopper's Furry Tale

SCOD Thesis 2000;  SCOD Thesis Text

SCOD Eco-Theory Text; SCOD Ecovillages;  

SCOD Fallout 2020;  SCOD World Utopia

Sustainable Cooperativefor Organic Development Thesis

Operation 10 COW: TenConscientious Objections to War

BDU: Boot-Camp Diary Unauthorized

Art Beyond Reality: Portfolio 1 of Walton Stowell

Dreams Precede Reality: Art by Nena Stowell

Architectural Art: Artography of Kip Stowell

BOG Peeps: Beautiful Organic Garden People

WAY TOO MUCH - Successful Living

Bed Time For Democracy - Politics For Kids

SCOD Economics - Alternative Economic Theories

SCOD History of Philosophy: Historic Theories - Part 1; Part 2

SCOD Architecture - Collectivist Arboritecture


Books Drogo Published for Other Authors:

Blackberry Cove Herbal:

Traditional Appalachian Herbalism - Linda Rago

Wear A Spring of Thyme: Plant Spirit Magic and Healing - Linda Rago

Monstors: Last Battle - by Sir Mongold

Grass Root Words - SCODzine

Friend In Need; Sympathetic Knowledge - Wizard Zittle

Little Wyld Eyes - Victoria Bamber

Woman Who Watches From Windows - Poems by Elizabeth Macula

Rainbow Star Prophesies - Omi (out of print)

Stowell Italy Travel Journal 1983 - Nena Stowell


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Old titles not listed are now out-of-print, and no longer available for purchase due to contract termination

Books written, edited, illustrated, published, or contributed to by Drogo Empedocles

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"People often assume i research, write, and publish just to sell books, that is backwards. 
I try to sell books to help fund work that I love doing. 
The book market is flooded, from a sales perspective i should not bother trying to sell them. 
I really love books, that is why i work on them to make them available."
- Drogo Empedocles