N6NA Repeaters

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River City ARCS Net on 145.25 MHz Wednesday nights at 8 pm PT

Our N6NA 145.25 MHz Repeater Remote Receivers ONLINE. AllStar & EchoLink Access are ONLINE

145.25 MHz FM Repeater System - Status ONLINE
EchoLink N6NA-R (#646535) and AllStar 53410 ONLINE


Remote Receiver Locations - ONLINE - System Diagram

N6NA 145.25 MHz FM Repeater Coverage Map


Green - Mobile coverage with good antenna      

Yellow - Base station range with outdoor gain antenna

Handheld radio coverage will vary with power, antenna and location

N6NA 2 meter repeater coverage

This N6NA 2 meter repeater transmitter coverage map shows estimated field strengths to an isotropic antenna 10 feet above ground based on the N6NA repeater 800 watt effective radiated transmitter power, 2000' ASL antenna elevation and terrain topography.

The 145.25 MHz repeater transmitter is located east of Sacramento in the foothills near Shingle Springs at about 2,000 feet. Our 800 watt effective radiated power system is designed to provide wide area coverage to the greater Sacramento area including Woodland, Davis, Elk Grove and beyond.  This repeater's coverage typically extends into the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys past Chico, CA to the north, past Modesto, CA to the south and to the west past Concord, CA.  Your range will vary depending on your radio and antenna.

In emergencies, the N6NA 145.25 MHz repeater system is the designated Tactical and/or Resource Net Frequency for the Sacramento Amateur Radio Communications Reserve (ARES/RACES).

The 2 meter system uses several remote receivers located around the Sacramento area that are connected to a "voter" which selects the best signal and sends it to the repeater transmitter. This facilitates repeater access with weak signals such as from low power handheld radios.

442.60 MHz Low Level FM Repeater - Status OFF LINE


Receiver Location

This low-power low-level repeater is located in Orangevale, CA with a directional antenna toward Sacramento and an expected range of approximately ten miles.

The 442 MHz repeater and 145 MHz repeater are not linked.

N6NA 442.60 MHz FM Repeater Coverage Map


Orange - good handheld coverage

Red - marginal handheld coverage (need better antenna)

Purple - mobile coverage

Dark purple / gray - base coverage with outdoor antenna @ 20' AGL

This N6NA 70 cm repeater transmitter coverage map shows estimated field strengths to an isotropic antenna 10 feet above ground based on the N6NA repeater 10 watt transmitter power, 275' ASL antenna elevation and terrain topography.

River City ARCS Wednesday Nets

The River City ARCS holds weekly nets on the N6NA 145.25 MHz FM repeater, AllStarLink node 53410 and EchoLink node N6NA-R every Wednesday at 8:00 pm Pacific Time.  All members and guests are welcome to check in.

Our 10 meter check-in net follows at 8:30 pm on 28.420 MHz USB and our Slow Scan Television SSTV net starts at 9 pm on our 441.300 MHz FM repeater.

N6NA 145.25 MHz FM Repeater Upgrade


N6NA FM Repeater on 441.300 MHz
Reserved for Exclusive Use by SSTV Net & River City ARCS Members - Status ON LINE

The River City ARCS FM repeater on 441.300 MHz located at our Shingle Springs hilltop site is Reserved for EXCLUSIVE USE by SSTV Net & current River City ARCS members.  This repeater has coverage similar to our 2 meter repeater.  Please contact us for further information.