About Us

The River City Amateur Radio Communications Society (River City ARCS) in Sacramento, California, was founded in July 1976 to support and promote the Amateur Radio Service. We are a voluntary non-commercial association of licensed radio amateurs and anyone else who shares interests in developing and promoting knowledge and advancement in operating and technical skills in radio communications. We do this through training and practical experience in the Amateur Radio Service and contributing to public safety, emergency preparedness and international goodwill and WE LOVE IT!
We are a friendly, inclusive club, and visitors are welcome at our meetings.

  1. ARRL Ham Radio License Manuals

  2. Gordon West Study Guides

  3. Local Exam (VE) Sessions

Members and Guests welcome

Check in on the N6NA repeater 145.250 MHz (-) 162.2 at 8:00 P.M. Wednesdays

Our 10 meter check-in net follows (8:30 P.M.) on 28.420 MHz USB.

Our SSTV Net (9:00 P.M.) on 441.30 MHz N6NA Repeater

We usually hold monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm - Meeting Directions and Dates

Our annual events include Rio Linda Farm and Tractor Days, our Annual Picnic, ARRL Field Day, our White Elephant Sale, support for the Clarksburg Country Run, and our December Holiday Party meeting.

Membership in the River City ARCS is open to any licensed amateur radio operator or anyone interested in amateur radio, shortwave listening, electronics or similar interests.

Officers (2023)

Pending - President
Phil SIttner
KD6RM - Vice President
Gert Thompson KK6ZGA - Secretary
Jojo Melendres KN6HTD
- Treasurer

Board Members

Art Clark - KD6GBY (2023-2024)
Michael Erickson - K7GFM (2022-2023)
James Goldstene - KN6QNJ (2023-2024)
Kaayla Jaret - KA6YLA (2022-2023)

Repeater Committee

Andy Stephens - W6AWS
Russ Brill - KN6SD, Chair
Chris Huber - N6ICW

N6NA License Trustee

Andrew Stephens - W6AWS

Training Committee

Jojo Melendres - KN6HTD
Carol Milazzo - KP4MD
Bob Mix - KF6ABC
Ed Siegner - WA6QYO
Phil Sittner - KD6RM

Hospitality Chair

Marie Martin - NØCALL

Membership Chair

Jojo Melendres - KN6HTD

Newsletter Editor

Ken Martin - KE6RMN E-mail

Net Coordinator

Position Open E-mail

Website Design Team

Tom Cutter - W6BS
Kevin Hooke - KK6DCT
Jojo Melendres - KN6HTD
Carol Milazzo - KP4MD webmaster@n6na.org
Sylvia Stork - KS6WTF

Contact Us

River City ARCS
c/o Jojo Melendres, Treasurer
5631 61st St
Sacramento, CA 95824-1817

E-mail: contact@n6na.org or use the Contact form on this page.
We forward inquiries and comments to the appropriate party.

We are Amateur Radio....
a Service, a Hobby, and a Club for All Ages!

Privacy Policy: The personal information collected by the River City Amateur Radio Communications Society is never shared with third parties and is used solely for communication with its members.