Hello everyone

First I would like to thank the Rive City Amateur Radio Communications Society for hosting the FCC Certification License exams on the 20th of each month. I took my very first Technician class exam and passed it on February 20th 2010. Second I am pleased to see that the HAM community is as welcoming and fourth coming with support and critical information for HAM operations. Because of the help provided over the air I was able to fix a low audio mic that came with my first mobile rig a YAESU FT-5200 with an MH-27 mic. I would also like thank everyone in HAM land for the antenna and radio advise I have received.

So what is in my shack - I have a 1970 Kenwood TR-7400 as my 2 meter base. I bought the Kenwood from KI6JNX. I wanted to buy an older radio that had PL tone capabilities. The Kenwood TR-7400 has a flip lever for the MHz and TX Offset (+600 or -600) and two dials for the 100kHz and 10kHz setting and a push button for the 5kHz. The PL tones are set by way of an add in external DIP switch card which is capable of all of the most used PL tones. It is exactly what I was looking for. A military rustic fully functional radio.

In addition to this radio I have an FT-5200 mobile rig setup in my truck. I also have two YAESU handhelds. One is the FT-250 2 meter only with 5 Watts and the other one is a VX-3 dual band 2 meter 440 with 1.5 Watts output.

I am currently studding for the General class license and once I have passed the exam and become an AG I will be purchasing my first multiband base/mobile radios. I am considering the YAESU 897D and the Kenwood TS-2000 for my HF/VHF/UHF bands. Both radios have built in filters and auto tuners. I will also be purchasing the recommended auto tune capable antenna's.

I am really excited to become a part of the River City Armature Radio Communications Society.


Jimmy Landrum

Updated: 2010-04-02