10 Meter Net

Our 10 Meter Net is open to all radio amateurs, Novice, Technician, General, Advanced and Extra Class!

Try serving as a 10 meter net control station

No experience needed. Learn and practice this useful skill for emergency preparedness. Follow along with this simple net control script. Net controls should have efficient stations and antennas able to hear and be heard by most of our net check-ins and transmit at least 100 watts. Please email contact@n6na.org if interested

River City ARCS 10 meter check-in net

Frequency: 28.420 MHz USB simplex

Time: Wed. night 8:30 pm Pacific Time

(follows the 8 pm 145.25 MHz N6NA repeater net)

Signal readability reports should use plain language, as follows:

  1. Q1 - WEAK UNREADABLE, negative copy, RELAY IS REQUIRED.


  3. Q3 - FAIR READABLE, OCCASIONAL FILLS may be needed.

  4. Q4 - GOOD READABLE, good copy, TRAFFIC QUALITY, only slight noise

  5. Q5 - LOUD AND CLEAR, 100 percent copy, with no noise

10 Meter River City ARCS Net Signal Report Grid

Tips for checking into the net:

  1. 10 meter exhibits line of sight propagation at night. For best results use a full size 10 meter outdoor antenna that is mounted high and clear of obstacles.

  2. Some of our stations use horizontal and others use vertical polarized antennas. Reception is best between stations that are similarly polarized.

  3. Most check-ins transmit 100 watts. You will be harder to hear with less power.

  4. If you don't hear net control, ask for a station you hear to relay your check-in.

10 meter Net Control Station Script

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