AllStar FAQ

N6NA 145.250 MHz FM Repeater
via EchoLink N6NA-R and AllStar node 53410 - Status ONLINE

What are the AllStar and EchoLink Networks?

AllStarLink and EchoLink are networks of Amateur Radio repeaters, remote base stations and hot spots that are accessible to each other via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

What is an AllStar Node?

Why Use AllStar or EchoLink?

How Can I Participate in AllStarLink?

How Can I Participate in EchoLink?

N6NA 145.25 MHz Repeater System Diagram

The N6NA AllStar/EchoLink Node Use and Guidelines

Users may currently access our N6NA 145.250 MHz repeater via its AllStar node #53410.

Users may also connect to, listen and talk through the repeater via EchoLink system node 646535 (N6NA-R).

The UHF node is a SHARI Pi4U node running HamVoIP RPi2-3-4 V1.6-01 on a Raspberry Pi 4B computer.  The UHF Link Radio at the West Sacramento control hub is a Bridgecom BCM-440 transceiver.

Guidelines for N6NA AllStar/EchoLink Node Use

Would you like to set up your own AllStar node? Check the SHARI micronode, the DINAH interface, and ClearNode.  Please send any Questions to

Current N6NA Node Connection Status - Click here to update