1. A Universal HF Magnetic Loop Antenna NEC Model Design of a NEC Model for Small High Frequency Magnetic Loop Antennas. A Low Pass RF Filter in an Altoids Box Design and Construction of a Low Pass Filter for the Low Frequency RF Spectrum.

    2. Modeling Commercial Amateur Radio Antennas Evaluating Commercial Antenna Performance Through Modeling.

    3. Zip Cord Transmission Lines and Baluns, Posted August 2011. An Analysis of a Low Cost Speaker Wire with Common Mode Chokes as a High Frequency Transmission Line

    4. Antenna System Measurements with the MFJ-202B RX Noise Bridge, Posted March 2011. RX Noise Bridge Calibration and Applications in Antenna and Transmission Line Measurements.

    5. Measuring the MFJ-949B Antenna Tuner, Posted 18 February 2011. Determining the Capacitance and Inductance Ranges of this T-Network Antenna Tuning Unit.

    6. Comparative Antenna Analysis with WSPR, presented 1 March 2011 at River City Amateur Radio Communication Society. Using the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network to Compare Antenna Performance.

    7. Computer Assisted Low Profile Antenna Modeling II", Posted 25 September 2010. Using the 4nec2 program to design a low profile horizontal loop antenna for a limited space backyard.

    8. HAARP LWA Moon Bounce Experiment 19-20 JAN 2008, presented 6 February 2008 at River City Amateur Radio Communications Society.

    9. Computer Assisted Low Profile Antenna Modeling I, Posted 13 June 1998. Using the MININEC program to design attic antennas.