Aire FM 1990 - 1992
On 17th July 1990 the frequencies split and Radio Aire continued to broadcast
on FM only. The name changed to Aire FM and the station had a fresh new sound.
It would mainly play the latest chart music, in contrast to it's new
sister station Magic 828, which would play music from the 60's and 70's.
The line-up for Aire FM from 1990 was Richard James, Ross Dickinson,
Kenny Stevens, Carl Kingston, and The Superstation.
Weekend and extra presenters included Chris Moyles, Andy Siddell,
Paul Stead, Paul Conroy, Nick Babb, Colin Slade and Phil Riley.
Networked presenters included Emperor Rosko, Benny Brown and David Jensen.
Audio From 1990
From late 1990 The Superstation closed, Tony Adams took over the late show and
Mike Vitti presented Nightflight, which simulcast with Magic 828 between 1 & 6am.
In 1991 Aire FM changed the music format to 'A Better Mix' and started to
include older songs in the playlist.
There was also a change in schedule as the entire line-up was reversed,
except for Carl Kingston who remainedon Evenings
Paul Sykes and Nick Babb took over Nightflight.
Audio From 1991
By early 1992 ex Radio 1 DJ Mark Page had joined the team and taken over Breakfast, while Dave Simons presented Drive and Mike Toolan joined the weekend line-up.
Paul Conroy