Radio Aire 1987-1990
In 1987 Radio Aire changed direction, introducing another new logo and jingle
package. The station started to aim at a younger audience by playing a mix of
music from the pop charts, together with the best tunes from the last 2 decades.
The line-up from 1987 was Ross Dickinson, Jon Hammond, Ray Stroud,
Peter Tait, Carl Kingston, James Whale and Paul Stead.
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Weekend & extra presenters included Mickey Laing, Bob Preedy, Adrian Greene,
Keri Jones, Barry Glanville, Mikey Dreadlocks and Carl Gresham.
Networked presenters included Paul Gambaccini and David Jensen.
Audio from 1987
In 1988 Peter Tait took over Breakfast and Ross Dickinson moved to Drive, while
Overnights was split into 2 shows presented by Adrian Greene and Paul Stead.
The line-up from 1989 was Peter Tait, Ray Stroud, Paul Stead, Ross Dickinson,
Carl Kingston, James Whale, Steve Warren and Andy Siddell.
    Steve Warren                       Mikey Dreadlocks
Weekend & extra presenters included Mickey Laing, Bob Preedy,
Duncan Larkin, Gary Rogers and Mikey Dreadlocks.
Networked presenters included Benny Brown and David Jensen.

The Superstation

The Superstation was an overnight sustaining service launched in 1987 and

broadcast on Independent Local Radio across the UK between 10pm and 6am.

The service originally broadcast from London, but later moved to Manchester.

It broadcast across 21 stations and was backed by Radio Aire owners Transworld, 

together with GWR Group, Yorkshire Radio Network, Radio Trent and Radio Forth.

Radio Aire started taking the service from January 1990 and introduced West Yorkshire
to presenters such as Phil Kennedy, Erica Hughes, Francis Currie, NJ Williams,
Jeff Cooper, Tony Adams and snooker player Steve Davis. Radio Aire’s Peter Tait and
Carl Kingston were also regular presenters on the station. After the frequency
split on 17 July 1990, the service continued on Aire FM (and Magic 828 after 1am).

On 6 October 1990, The Superstation closed down after giving only a few days
notice. The MD of Radio Radio (The Superstation) Julian Allitt said at the time,
‘Although The Superstation made good progress over the past year, it was not
trading at a profit. We had reached a point where a further injection of finance
was required to continue and in the present difficult climate, it is understandable
that insufficient major shareholders were not prepared to provide additional funds’.
Phil Kennedy          NJ Williams          Jeff Cooper

The Network Chart Show
The Network Chart Show was launched in 1984 and broadcast across all the
Independent Local Radio stations in the UK. The main presenter was David
‘Kid' Jensen and the show was often covered by Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman or Pat Sharp.
The Network Chart Show was sponsored by Nescafe and was broadcast
between 5 & 7 pm on Sundays. It later started at the earlier time of 4 pm.
The show was taken over by Neil Fox in 1993 and rebranded The Pepsi Chart.

           The Radio Aire Roadshow           
The regular Roadshow hosts were Paul Stead,
Carl Kingston, Mickey Laing & Steve Warren.

The Radio Aire Roadshow Caravan 1987