In 1984 Radio Aire introduced a new logo and jingle package, with the main theme
only being specific to that year ("news and music and more in '84"). The format was
similar to before, however by now the original line-up had completely changed.
Presenters such as Peter Tait, Ray Stroud, Ross Dickinson and James Whale had begun
to be part of a team that was familiar to Radio Aire throughout the rest of the 1980's.
The line-up from 1984 was Peter Tait, Paul Fairburn, Peter Levy,
Tony Blewitt, Ross Dickinson, Ray Stroud and James Whale.
Weekend & extra presenters included Bob Preedy and Maggie Mash, who were
also continuity announcers for Yorkshire Television (now ITV Yorkshire).
Carol Vorderman made regular appearances on the Peter Levy Show, where she
would read a story to any pre-school children listening with their parents.
Audio from 1984
(Including Bill Mitchell Voice-Overs)
By 1985 the station reverted to using the original 1981 jingle package,
however it continued to use a version of the 1984 logo.
In 1986 the station moved from it's old 94.6 VHF frequency to 96.3 FM.
By now, Carl Kingston and Paul Stead had joined the weekday line-up.
The line-up from 1986 was...
Weekend and extra presenters included Jon Hammond,
Jay Jackson, Bob Preedy and Maggie Mash.