About QTUG 2008


Drs. Herbert Eber and Lisa Harlow held the 5th annual Quantitative Training for Underrepresented Groups (QTUG) conference, August 11-13, 2008, at Northeastern University in Boston. The conference was followed by up to 4 days of sessions at the American Psychological Association (APA) annual convention, August 14-17, 2008, held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and Boston hotels. Almost 60 participants, 13 faculty, several organizers, and about a dozen guests took part in the conference and reunion/reception.

7 Faculty Presentations were held August 11 - 12, 2008. On August 13, 2008, 6 Round Table Leaders held discussions     on applying for grants/fellowships, writing research publications, and conducting statistical analyses. 

12 Student Research Projects were presented on August 13, 2008. Authors, research titles and abstracts are listed. A reunion/reception was held at the end of the conference, where all participants, faculty, organizers and guests introduced themselves and shared their current activities   and future goals.

See: QTUG Program Schedule, 2008

We are grateful for the generosity of a National Science Foundation Grant (No. 0720063), the Science Directorate of APA, Taylor & Francis, and the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology (SMEP); as well as the Institute on Urban Health Research at Northeastern University (NEU) who hosted and co-sponsored the 2008 conference. Our previous four QTUG conferences were sponsored mainly by SMEP, APA, LEA/Taylor & Francis, and other donors.

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