The Planetside Upgrade Project was originally intended as a method of updating the MMOFPS Planetside into a game which would be competitive in the modern day. I have archived the original site and created this new one for the sequel and the concepts I make for it.

As the years have passed the game, as well as my understanding of it, has changed. As a result many of my concepts are outdated and not applicable but I have kept them here for completeness. In each section I have 'Current Concepts' which represent my desires for the game now, although plenty of the older concepts core ideas I still believe would improve the game.

I hope you enjoy the concepts, and that they prompt you to think about what the game could be.


2nd May 2023

Lattice logic unit video.

15th August 2022

Finally finished an updated spawn proposal.

20th January 2022

Updated the drop pod call in concept for war assets.

19th October 2021

Added a simple concept for hard spawns requiring cortium

1st July 2021

Started work on a new player experience document.

1st June 2021

Added an Air UI Changes concept.

17th May 2021

Updated my Q menu concept.

13th May 2021

Added an image to show leaders on the map to other leaders, for ease of coordination.

25th April 2021

Started writing a new class overhaul.

2nd April 2021

Started up a 2021 Vision document.

2nd of February 2021

Completed my Tank Overhaul.

23rd January 2021

Tarted up the site to make it match my existing concept style. Also merged UI section into the Miscellaneous section as there was only a few concepts in there. Uploaded the rest of the Navy and Orbital Warfare section as well as some variants of the Gal and Sundy I missed. Oh and a couple of refined resource systems.

22nd January 2021

Finished updating the Organisation section, and with that the entirety of my concepts.

21st January 2021

Split up the infantry section into separate pages. Split the New Vehicles page up into different sections, and uploaded all my vehicle concepts. Started organising the Organisation section...

20th January 2021

Added dates to different pages and separated everything out into current and old concepts. Finished updating the Infantry , Miscellaneous, Spawning, UI and World section.

Just Vehicles and Organisation sections left... the largest two... urgh.

18th January 2021

Started to tidy up this site to make it cleaner and easier to navigate.

14th January 2021 

Completed the Recon Overhaul and Scouting page.

See the Old News page for previous updates.