Temple Shrines and Castle Grounds

I. Temple of Isis

Special Section: Olivia and Lawrence in Ritual

Entry from Castle Exterior

   Steps, Landing, Statue of Atalanta

   Portico of Persephone and Garden Door (to Chapel of Fire)

Entry from Castle Interior

   Steps, Corridor, Interior Doors and Shrine of Muth, Horus and Hathor

Temple Colonnade - L-shaped

   South Wall:

      Virgo (dedicated to Osiris) *(note: These are the original dedications. Sometimes they have changed over the years.)

      Anthrosphinx (between Leo and Virgo)

      Leo (dedicated to Venus and Sekhmet)

      Cancer (dedicated to Hera and Juno)

   East Wall: 

      Gemini (dedicated to Shu and Tefnut)

      Taurus (dedicated to Hathor)

      Aries (dedicated to Bast)

   Corner of North and East Walls:

      Pisces (dedicated to Sophia Maria)

Water: Chapel of the Well 

   Zodiac Shrines:

      Capricorn (dedicated to Brigid)

      Sagittarius (dedicated to Cesara)

      Libra (dedicated to Etain and the Sidhe)

      Scorpio (dedicated to Freya and the Sidhe)

Aether: Chapel of Ishtar, Holy of Holies

   Shrine of Ishtar

   Shrine of Dana

   Star Chapel which includes photos of the following:

      1. Goddesses of the Pantheon

      2. Members Shrine

      3. Shrine of Nuit - (also known as the Egyptian Corner, includes altars to Neith, Nephthys and Thoth)

Earth: Cave of the Mothers (also known as Chapel of the Mothers)

   Shrines of the Primordial Mothers of Creation which includes photos of the following:

      1. Coatlicue (Cōhuātlīcue)

      2. Nephthys and Osiris

      3. Isis and Osiris

      4. Mama Buluka

      5. Yemaya, Brigid and Pele

Fire: Chapel of Lakshmi (or Chapel of Asia)

   Photos of the Shrines which includes photos of the following:

      1. Shrines of Lakshmi and Kwan Yin  

      2. Altar to Tara

      3. Painting of Red Tara

      4. Shiva and Parvati  

      5. Views from outside the chapel

Air: Chapel of Healing

   Photos of the Shrines include the following:

      1. Shrine of Winged Isis

      2. Colored Bottles of Healing Water

      3. Cabinet of anointing oils

      4. Spinning wheel

      5. Cerridwen

      6. Views from outside the chapel

Main Sanctuary: Isis of the Aquarian Age

   Photos of the Shrines include the following:

      1. High Altar (dedicated to Isis of Ten Thousand Names as Goddess of the Aquarian Age)

      2. Shrine of Ngame

      3. Shrine of Queen Tehani

      4. Shrine of Gangur

      5. Isis Oracle Throne

      6. Window Shrines

      7. Shrine of Ra-Herut

   Zodiac Shrine located in this chapel:

      Aquarius (dedicated to Amaterasu)

II. Clonegal Castle

Castle Exterior

Castle Approach and Gates

Lawn and Garden

Wilderness and Outbuildings

Old Abbey (Dana Temple)

Outdoor Procession   (in 1990s)

Yew Walk



Castle Interior

Olivia's Studio and Drawing Room

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