Contemporary World Problems/ CIVICS

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 Course syllabus


Instructor:      Ms. Carey Eubank      676-6482 ext. 5239

    Bonus Class Civic Engagement Credit:        Attend Whatcom County Teen Court the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm on the 3rd floor of the Whatcom County Courthouse. Attend Drug Court every Thursday 2:30-4:00pm at the Court House

Watch documentaries that  connect to our class content try: For the Pickford's Doctober Festival (the month of October).  Also see Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival,  or  coming in February.    

Civic Action: go to the City Hall meeting 

To use our class Remind! go to or Text @ilovecwp to 81010

 Course Outline:

 Unit One:                              Rights & Responsibilities

Theme:                                   Justice, Incarceration and Empathy

  Focus Questions:                  What happens when citizens or the government don’t uphold their responsibilities?
Concept Question:                    What is justice?  Is retribution effective or might restorative justice better address our needs as a society?                                   Link to vocabulary Quizlet - CWP Incarceration & Social Inequality Flashcards
Assessment:                                        Socratic Seminar

Unit Two:                             Human Rights

Theme:                                   Human Trafficking
Focus Questions:                     Is human slavery alive in the world today?  If so, how widespread is it and what can we do about it?  
Concept Question:                  How can different levels of government and society work together to advocate for the voiceless? 
Assessment:                            Position paper
Link to Unit Vocabulary flash cards (from Noah Black!)

Unit Three:                            Economic Issues

Theme:                                  Wealth Distribution, Education, and Equality                 

Focus Questions:                    Is income inequity a problem in the United States, today? What fiscal policies are needed?

Concept Questions:                What kind of society do we want to create?  

Film:                                        Inequality for All

Assessment:                            Formal letter to government official

Vocabulary Qizlet link

Unit Four:                    US Government & Rights and Responsibilities part II

Theme:                                   Civics, Engagement and Participation

Focus Questions:                     What are the major issues and how do they affect the American public?

Concept Questions:                 Where do we find the balance between individual and common good?

Film:                                        TBD

Assessments:                          Student Designed Project Based Learning: Enviromental Policy Memo and Seminar

TBD Mini Unit:                               The Environment

Theme:                                   Climate Change

Focus Questions:                     What are the impacts of global climate change? What is being done to address it and what still needs to be done?

Concept Question:                  What is my role in the environment?

Film:                                        The Island President (subject to change)

Assessment:                            Student Research Projects & Presentation 


Last day for Late Work is June 12.  Film Critiques are due June 5.


Major Project:

Each week, we will discuss current world issues. Assignment details will be provided separately.

Final Project: 

Documentary Film Critique

 (See attached documents below- or go to Economics Unit link)

Grading Scale:

We will use the following standard grading scale.  Students exhibiting excellent growth and effort in our targeted skill areas may earn higher final grades.  Your grades will be based on your assessment scores, your participation, and your homework. Grades will be available on-line with Parent Connect.

93 = A                         73 = C

90 = A-                        70 = C-

87 = B+                       67 = D+

83 = B                         63 = D

80 = B-                        60 = D-

77 = C+                       below 60 = F



Homework & Late Work:

You will be expected to complete an average of 20-30 minutes of reading/homework assignments each day.  We will have a class website that lists homework assignments. I recognize that there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent you from completing a homework assignment on time.  Late work may be accepted for half credit on a case-by-case basis.


Final Word:

This course is intended to provide and academic space where we can become more informed and aware of sensitive and complex societal issues.  You are expected to challenge yourself by attempting to understand diverse and conflicting points of view and safely engage in dialogue to formulate your own positions throughout the course.  Please take this opportunity to engage in self-reflection and to prepare yourself for the privileges of citizenship.



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I have created a comprehensive website for the course which lists assignments as well as major projects.  Visit Sehome homepage, and click on “Academics”, select Ms. Eubank from the Social Studies department, then link to CWP

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