Testimonials and Feedback

"I've known Martin for many years and [his] ability for clear thinking, paired with curiosity and infectious enthusiasm, makes him not just an excellent scientist but also a great science communicator."

Jan Schnupp - Professor in Neuroscience, University of Oxford.

"It is clear to me that Martin is committed to public engagement, and to the scientific content as well as the entertainment value of his work. However, for me his enthusiasm for involving audiences directly with the scientific process as well as simply presenting the science is what makes his work original. He takes pleasure and pride in actively involving everyone, particularly young people, in the process and is not narrowly focussed on his own field of research but sees the value in building bridges between the public and the research community in any way possible."

Sharon Bishop - Director (Emeritus), Cheltenham Science Festival; Director, Swansea Science Festival

"I was very impressed with the way [Martin was] able to engage my class on this subject and how [he] responded so knowledgeably to ’irrelevant’ questions about dinosaurs, planets and space travel ... [he has] a natural ability to talk to young children which makes them feel that their ideas (however ‘out there’) are valued."

Paula Devereaux - Year 1 teacher, Cornwall

"Martin is a great science communicator, speaking with clarity and intelligence. He is generous with his knowledge (which is vast) and time when working in a group."

Steve Mould - TV presenter, Science Communicator.

"Martin had us all experimenting with gluing wood from our seats in the audience which was a lot of fun! Once again, a great combination of art and science that got complicated concepts across in a clear and highly entertaining way."

Lola Perrin - Pianist and composer.

"Martin is an insightful researcher, great team member and efficient coach. He has a unique skill of explaining the most difficult ideas while speaking publicly. He has a talent of engaging an audience in seamless way. His skills to collaborate, and genuine interest in science on every level, are indispensable and rare. Martin is the best science presenter I know and an excellent researcher."

Alicja Knast - Director at Muzeum Śląskie, Poland

"He engages, he is involved, he is a moving force who epitomizes character and professional consistency. Keep up the great motivating presentations, Martin."

Edward P. Gibson Senior Director - Global Forensics & Dispute Services, Microsoft, FBI.

"I have seen Martin do many presentations on a range of technical subjects. He is erudite, accessible, enthusiastic, and has an nice sense of his audience. Quite the best face-to-face teacher I have encountered."

Robert Lockhart - Director of Studies in Computing and Mathematics, Kellog College, Oxford University.

"Martin is an excellent communicator with a strong active track record in public engagement activities including regular appearances at science festivals and work with local schools."

Susan Denham - Director, Cognition Institute, Plymouth University.