weekly net - script

The Net Control station uses the following script to run the net. Please pause 3-5 seconds when waiting for responses as it takes EchoLink users a few seconds to key-up!

K7UAZ NET SCRIPT (last update 5/1/2023)


Good evening everyone. This is FIRST NAME,   CALL SIGN PHONETICALLY, net control for tonight's University of Arizona weekly net.  This net meets weekly at 8pm on Mondays, on the K7UAZ repeater.  The purpose of this net is to promote student activity on the air, as well as a forum to share and discuss amateur radio and club topics.

Our website, K7UAZ.COM, provides information on the University of Arizona Amateur Radio club, including upcoming club presentations, activities and build projects.     <RELEASE MIC / RESET REPEATER>

All stations authorized to operate on this frequency are welcome to participate in the net, with the emphasis on university-related topics.  

This is a directed net. Unless otherwise directed, please pass all communication through net control, which is this station, CALL SIGN.     <RELEASE MIC / RESET REPEATER>

The discussion topic for tonight is _____________.  After checkins everyone will have an opportunity to contribute their comments and questions about tonight's topic:  ___________________

=================CHECK INS=================== 

This is CALL SIGN, net control for the University of Arizona Net. Standby for check-ins.     <RELEASE MIC / RESET REPEATER>

• I will take student check-ins first.  If you are currently NORTH of Speedway Boulevard, please check in now.

• I will continue to take student check-ins.  If you are currently SOUTH of Speedway Boulevard, please check in now.

• I will continue to take student check-ins.  If you are out of town  please check in now.

• I will now take community member check-ins.  Please check in now.

=================DISCUSSION / ACTIVITY=================== 

• Are there any announcements for this week for the net?

• As a reminder, tonight's topic is _________________.  Let's go around the net for comments and questions.

<Round robin of comments from students                       – call on each student>

<Round robin of comments from community members – call on each community member>


Last call for late, missed, or interested listeners – your call sign please?

Are there any questions, comments or other business for the net before I close tonight's session?

=================CLOSING STATEMENT=================== 

I would like to thank all those who checked in, especially the student members at the University of Arizona. 

You are invited to join us Monday evenings to participate in this net.  Please see the University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club website, K7UAZ.COM, for more information on the club.

This is FIRST NAME,  CALL SIGN PHONETICALLY, closing this session of the University of Arizona Weekly Net and freeing the repeater back to general use. 73’s, this is CALL SIGN.