Projects HF / Sat / rptr / EXP

Main HF station, Satellite station, Experimental station, and 2-meter Repeater.

Status Updated 10-26-21


HF ANTENNA SYSTEM REPLACEMENT Remove and dispose of: isopole; 15m yagi; 20m yagi; 40m dipole -- COMPLETED. Procure Mosley TA-63N -- COMPLETED. Spec / Procure rotor motor and controller. Spec / Procure rotor control cable. Mosley assembly: assemble traps and subassy's; transport to roof; assembly antenna on roof. Raise mast / install az rotor motor. R/R rotor cable. R/R transmission line (LMR-400 possible?). Antenna raising event w/ Valdez / Walker / Laumann / students. (K7ZOO )

SATELLITE ANTENNA SYSTEM REPLACEMENT PROCURE: IC-9700, LEO pack, Yaesu az/el motor & controller; EA4TX interface; computer; two monitors; monitor swing arm support. ASSEMBLE: antennas (complete). R/R two transmission lines, rotor cable. Mount preamps on tower. Evaluate tower modifications. Evaluate mounting antennas at CG. (K7ZOO )

REPEATER BACK UP POWER REPAIR / IMPROVEMENT Upgrade emergency power system feeding the repeater. Trade study / peer review - COMPLETE. Procurement -- in progress. Integration and installation time should be about one day. (K7ZOO )

EXPERIMENTAL RADIO OPERATING POSITION This will be the left side of the satellite table, fed with LMR-400 or LMR-600 from the roof, with sufficient cable to reach the 10-ft mast on the north end of the roof. R/R transmission line as appropriate. (K7ZOO )


---low priority ---

HF STATION Guy rope OCF dipole Guy on east is fiberglass strapping; recommend replacing with MASTRANT.

---to be prioritized / assigned / deferred ---

1 HF STATION Incorporate donated Heil headset into Elecraft K3 setup (person TBD)

3 REPEATER Measure current received signal levels across relevant cross section of Tucson metro area, to provide a baseline against which future improvements can be compared. This measurement could use a 1/4 wavelength whip centered on car, mobile rig with s-meter, step attenuator. This measurement need not be absolute, but the same equipment used each time to quantify the effects of change to the repeater system.

--- completed tasks ---

SATELLITE TABLE Obtain long table to accommodate both satellite station and experimental operation position. task complete (K7ZOO)

REPEATER Power output Mwill be maintained at 25 watts to prolong the life of the Kenwood repeater.

REPEATER Antenna Explored upgrade options and decided to retain existing antenna.

REPEATER Relocation Will not be relocated. Currently location is more visible and instructive.

ARDC Grant Awarded 2021.

ASUA Grant Abaondoned. ARDC grant pursued instead.

Paddle Feet 11-5-19 COMPLETE! Install new rubber feet on Bencher paddle for Elecraft K3. (N1UW)

2m Rig in Shack 12-20-19 COMPLETE! Donated Yaesu FT-212RH repaired, custom desk mount fabricated, downselect mobile microphone, installed in shack with Astron power supply. Brief instruction/reference card laminated and put on radio. (K7ZOO)

REPEATER Transmission line 1-25-20 COMPLETE! Characterize via TDR and SWR to ensure it's functioning as expected. SWR measurement from duplexer to antenna showed very good performance. TDR not performed. Results published on website. (K7ZOO)

Troubleshoot and repair Remote Coax Switch Control Box (Ameritron) 2-5-20 COMPLETE! Power switch mechanical failure - switch replaced (KG7YTR). Fuses blowing when attached to station HF coax. Relays replaced. Fuses still blow when attached to station HF Coax. Remote coax switch removed and tested good in isolation. (K7ZOO)

HF STATION Replace OCF Dipole Connector 2-8-20 COMPLETE! Loose connector on RG-8/U coax going to OCF dipole - connector freely rotates. Looking at the braid attachment solder holes one can see directly through those holes to the center conductor -- NO DIELECTRIC IS PRESENT AT THIS LOCATION! (KG7YTR & K7ZOO)

HF STATION Sell Henry Amplifier 12-20-20 COMPLETE! (K7ZOO)

HF STATION Sell antenna tuner 12-20-20 COMPLETE! (K7ZOO)

HF STATION Sell 1960's dummy load 12-20-20 COMPLETE! (K7ZOO)

SAT STATION Sell Yaesu FT-736R 12-28-20 COMPLETE! (K7ZOO)