Officer Duties

To smoothly operate an organization, it's useful to document duties and who performs these duties. This page documents specific tasks assigned to leadership of the club.

president - Ken Gourley, KG6T

1. Make executive club decisions

2. Represent the club to external points of contact

3. Lead (or delegate leader of) club events and activities

4. Monitor and respond to club emails

5. Update slides for club meetings

6. Ensure presenter or activity is ready for club meetings

7. Ensure pizza will be picked up for club meetings

8. Host and lead club meetings

vice president - ANTHONY SCHLECHT, KG7YTR

1. Primary coordinator of presentation for regular club meetings

2. Publish descriptions of upcoming presentation on the club’s Google calendar so that they are visible on the K7UAZ website

3. Maintain presence at Club Events

4. Work with President/Officers to make sure there is someone at meetings where presence is required (like ARCA, Science City, etc.)

5. In absence of the President, assume the duties of the President

treasurer - casey miller, K7chm

1. Shows report at every meeting of any financial changes since the last meeting

2. Periodically shows larger report of financial changes (ex. revenues over the past year)

3. Writes any checks (barring exceptional circumstances)

4. Keeps record of any financial changes and updates a GNUcash file which is uploaded to the Google Drive, with an update ahead of each meeting

5. Represents the club at university grant proposals (i.e., at ASUA meetings)

6. Keeps track of members' dues statuses in the roster and sends out emails to people confirming their dues payment, the date their next dues would be due, and for soliciting further dues at the turn of the year

Secretary - vacant

1. Takes notes at every biweekly meeting for archival

2. Manages student and community member roster

3. Records all official votes for approval of new members and club expenditures

4. Produces short summaries of club events they attended

5. Manages inventory of equipment available to club members


1. Renew the club's FCC license every 10 years

2. Promote goodwill among club members

3. Liaison with other clubs promoting and communicating club activities

4. Stay in contact the Station Manager regarding club projects and station activities, assisting when able to

5. Actively recruit new members in person and on the air

6. Coordinate with Engineering Building administrators (currently Jenny/Mia) to secure the use of meeting rooms for K7UAZ club

7. Possess a CatCard for after-hours access to the building and shack

8. Handle reservations for social events at restaurants, especially the annual Christmas dinner

station manager - CURT LAUMANN, K7ZOO

1. Net manager: arrange and document standing schedule; publish schedule on the website; train new net control operators

2. Repair or arrange to get equipment repaired

3. Key responsibility to maintain and upgrade website

4. Key driver of new educational projects

5. Key driver of improvements to shack

6. Train new members to safely and legally operate K7UAZ equipment

7. Ensure the station is operated in compliance with FCC rules and in alignment with ARRL best operating practices

8. Possess a CatCard to effectively maintain club facility

community liaison - bruce betterley, wa1bzq

1. TBD

community advisory board - steve anderson, kd7spy & gary grindle, n7gsg

1. TBD

2. TBD


1. TBD

2. TBD

misc tasks not assigned

1. QSL card management

2. Initial contact with potential new student members

3. Recurring recruiting of potential new student members