The club has a fantastic repeater housed in the club shack. The club repeater is open to all amateur radio operators.

  • Output Frequency 146.960 MHz

  • Offset Minus 0.6 MHz

  • PL Tone 127.3

  • Radio Kenwood TKR-750


The university has its own Echolink node, granting users access to the entire world. For more information, visit the official Echolink page.

  • Echolink Node: 363148

To use the system from a radio or handheld, just transmit the DTMF tones of the node you wish to contact. Use the # sign to disconnect.

The performance of the 2-meter repeater antenna system was measured 1-17-2020 using the club's new RigExpert AA-600 antenna analyzer.


The repeater was generously donated to the club by Emil de Boe (W9BOE). It is a Kenwood TKR-750. The repeater was initially programmed by John Slusser (WD7F).