Mesh Network

K7UAZ is joining the wider effort to establish a 2.4 GHz mesh network across southern Arizona. This page will describe the nodes that we have deployed/are planning to deploy as well as give basic information about how to join this exciting project.

Basic Information

Here are the basic parameters needed to configure a mesh node to join the southern Arizona mesh net.

All K7UAZ nodes will be fully independent from existing infrastructure, such as the electrical grid. We will power our nodes via solar panels during the day and a battery during the night. Each node will be designed to operate for several days from battery power if there is insufficient power generation during the day.

Due to operating under FCC Part 97, K7UAZ mesh nodes will block known encrypted traffic (§97.113.a.4). Additionally, we will not actively operate any Internet gateways because so much of the Internet today is commercial or carries advertisements (§97.113.a.2).

K7UAZ has also performed various tests of mesh nodes to determine what sort of performance can be achieved in the real world. You can view our results in this Google Spreadsheet. Please send us results of your tests so we can better understand how the mesh net operates.

K7UAZ Nodes

We are currently planning our first two nodes that will be setup on the campus of the University of Arizona; we hope to eventually have 4-5 nodes active on campus:

  • K7UAZ-GouldSimpson: This is the first major mesh node setup on campus and links us into the existing network. Additionally, thanks to its high elevation, this node provides excellent coverage to the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • K7UAZ-Shack: This node will be located in our shack in the Old Engineering building to provide a point for us to access the mesh network as needed.

Further Information

For more information about the mesh network project, please visit the semi-official website, Additionally, you can join the email list which is the primary method of discussion about the net and proposed changes or improvements at