Soldering Basics

K7UAZ's in-person soldering outline.


soldering gun - wattage, tips, adjustment of tips, cleaning

soldering iron / pencil -- wattage, various tips, replacing tips, cleaning


Types of solder: 60/40, plumbing, rosin (purpose)

Diameters and applications



Positioning equipment and tooling


  1. Cleaning the soldering tip (both gun and pencil)

  2. Stripping and tinning wire (multiple times)

  3. Joining two wires; two different alignments of wires

  4. Tinning wire; bend into loop for terminal end under screw

  5. PC board -- through hole soldering with pencil

  6. Removing solder from a joint: vacuum; solder wick

Supplemental Soldering Article By Roy Hartcopf, VK3AOH

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