Annual Budget Estimate

Below is a draft, starting point for a high-level summary of our finances. Having this information visible will answer questions before they are asked, as well as demonstrate our successes. Having this information readily available and visible will also help us effectively and accurately plan improvement & sustaining activities in the future. ASUA regularly asks for much of this information on grant applications - there's every reason for us to submit grant every semester, continuing to improve this University resource.

INCOME (annual)

Income derived from community dues

Income derived from selling donated goods

Income derived from selling legacy equipment

Income derived from cash donations above dues

ASUA grants

ARCA grants

Other grants

EXPENSES (annual)

Repairs (e.g. FT-847 repair, coax switch, replacement coax connectors, rotor cables)

Improvements to existing infrastructure (wire shelving racks, labels, Pelican boxes, foam, coax cables, battery chargers, mast support equipment)

New equipment (IC-7200's, 28-ft mast, off-center fed dipole, attenuators)

Trips (conferences)


Community Dues

Donated Goods

Legacy Equipment