Satellite Station

Have you been operating on HF for too long? Are you tired about hearing HAM's endlessly ragchew about band conditions? Do you find yourself growing more tired each day from a boring existence. If the answer to any of those questions are "yes", I have the solution for you...


Satellite Operating

Satellite operations within Amateur Radio is one of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences possible in our hobby. The first time you make a satellite QSO you feel like you really accomplished something out of this world! The following is a rough outline for the road to become a satellite operator! If you would like to schedule time to get qualified to use the K7UAZ Satellite station, please contact Hilly (

Subject Areas

AMSAT Articles


ICOM 9700


Antenna Pointing


Doppler Shift


CW Loop Test




SSB Loop Test





Familiarize yourself with the basics of satellite communications by reading articles 1-6

  • Learn how to operate the ICOM 9700 full duplex transceiver

  • Learn the fundamentals of satellite pass geometry

  • Learn, understand, and practice high gain antenna pointing

  • Understand and apply fundamental knowledge of the doppler shift

  • Apply knowledge of the inverting passband, doppler shift, and antenna pointing to transmit CW tones into a spacecraft

  • Learn and familiarize yourself with the SatPC32 software. (May more that 1 session)

  • Integrate knowledge gained thus far to performing a SSB loop test

  • complete a satellite QSO on SSB

Pass GAte

Complete an Oral discussion with the instructor about the material covered.

  • Use the radio to facilitate a QSO over a repeater on Mt. Lemmon

  1. Successful demonstration tracking a satellite with a handheld yagi and ISS Detector

  2. Track a satellite pass with the G5500

  • Manually correct for the doppler shift of a satellite pass.

  • Hear your transmission come back from a REAL satellite in SPACE

  • Perform a CW loop test with the aid of SatPC32

  • Hear your voice come back from SPACE!!

  • QSL with another station on a amateur satellite