Field Day 2016


Operating for approximately four hours, K7UAZ made a total of 48 QSOs with a claimed score of 154 + 150 bonus points for a total of 304. We had to tear down for the day a bit earlier than planned, due to an approaching storm mid-afternoon. (QSO breakdown: 10 CW, 19 PSK, 19 phone.) We were a 3A site with a total of 10 operators and 3 additional visitors. When available, a link will be provided to the ARRL results site for further details.


Photos from the day's activities are available on our Facebook page. Additional photos are available on Flickr.

We have secured permission to operate from the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter on Saturday ( from 6am - 6pm. We will be at the north end of the site; electricity and toilet facilities will be available for us to use. Vehicles will not be allowed all the way up to our location, but parking is available just outside of the last gate to the SkyCenter. There will be other summer camps going on, so we may have to be flexible with our setup. Because of the other activity, they would like to keep the total number of people at our site to 15 or under. Everyone is welcome to join us if they'd like to, but we would like to give priority to our student members, then community members, others associated with the University, then everyone else. If you'd be interested in participating, let us know and we'll add you to the list. We'll probably have three HF stations and a VHF/UHF station setup. We will likely be making use of the electricity that's available on site. (Due to quiet hours we cannot run generators until mid-afternoon.) It would be nice to have an operator and logger for each station; if people could bring laptops for electronic logging that would be cleaner than paper. The club will provide a light breakfast and lunch that day; people can join up with the RST/CRC traditional potluck in the evening that will be just a few miles down the road from our site.You can view some photos of the site where we will be active from at

We have a planning document available at Please review it for further details about our plans for Field Day.

If people have questions or comments, please let us know or simply send an email to the reflector.