Super Mario Bros. 3 to Super Mario All-Stars Requests

Do you ever want to see your level in SMB3 for NES to Super Mario All-Stars form and post it to Insectduel's YouTube channel, I can take whatever submission you have. Here are the guidelines.
- Messages requesting levels sent to me via YouTube, E-mail, Board 2 or Facebook only. I don't accept other forums and message boards.
- Levels sent to me must be in either .IPS, .NES or .M3L only. .xdelta or other type of non copyrighted patches not accepted!
- Do not send me kaizo levels that is too unfair to complete, it pushes too much time away from my ROM-Hacking projects. I use a computer at a minimum of 4 to 6 hours a day. It's OK to send me a level that is too hard to complete but must be beatable.
- Absolutely NO ASM SMB3 hacks unless the the levels are playable without editing a single code. Finding a specific code and is taking all my time away. Levels made by Reuben will not be accepted.
- All level graphics must be original unless I see at least 3 of the many graphic changes to the game. DO NOT send me a level with edited TSA tile arrangements UNLESS otherwise.
- When I post levels in SMAS format, I will do my best to make the levels glitch free for both sprites and objects.
- Palette changes is OK but using the SNES palette editor is limited unless it comes to me.
- If you're sending me levels with Bonuses containing Plains, Underground, & Desert. Keep in mind that most of it will be in SMAS form unless by request. Designing bonus areas may took in hours depending on the level's length. 1 to 3 is recommended.
- Insectduel cannot gurantee that custom or dubbed music will be inserted in my video unless you sent me .MP3 or .WAV file. .WMA's and other types not accepted. Besides, most 8-Bit music will be converted as SMW's Custom Music of the same one as the 8-Bit. Music that infringes copyright like "KanYe west and Rihanna's Run this Town" music including instrumental/karaoke versions will not be put into my video and all music must be video game related.
- SMW Custom music recordings from an .AVI file must be recorded from an emulator. (MAX limit: 5 Minutes or timer 400 on a level, codec must be lossless.)
- Do not ask me to convert the entire SMB3 Project to Mario All-Stars. Do it at your own risk and Insectduel will not contribute other people's SMB3 projects.
- Insectduel has the power to fix levels that won't load or corrupted even for fix sprites.
- The maximum amount of requested SMB3-SMAS YouTube videos being posted is 1 to 2 per day.
If you do not follow the guidelines, your level will be rejected.

Key of level difficulty in my YouTube descriptions.

Very Easy: Beaten any level within 1 minute with less enemies and/or obstacles.
Easy: More enemies but can beat the level within 1 or 2 minutes and less obstacles.
Moderate: Normal difficulty.
Hard: Fairly a challenge obstacales.
Insane: Levels required to beat with a certain power up, level too hard to beat.
Extremely Hard: Kaizo level.

Current status on requesting levels
Currently open.
Requesting levels waiting to be moderated
Daytime Desert 3 & 4
Organic Fortress (SMAS conversion)