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Tsurara's homepage (つらら)
Tsurara's homepage
The site involving the Rockman X Cross project.
Yosaku's homepage - 適当な置き場 (よさく)
The site where Yosaku holds the Rockman 4 Sparking to Hero hack.
Neoぼろくず工房 (ぷれさべー)
Puresabe's Rockman, F-Zero and Kirby related.
Where all the Rockman hacks being placed including the worse favorite Rockman5DWL and Rockman4rfow.

Rockman 2 IPS Homepage

Collection of Rockman 2 hacks + others.

Rock5easily's Homepage
Where many ASM patches including the Endless series of Rockman and Rockman 5G.
Rockman Wikitionary
All info on Rockman and Megaman hacks.
8bitter (タール)
Where Tar holds Rockman 2MIN and Rockman 5WDS.
Function 20
WINED's website where Rockman 2 Grayzone and Rockman 2 MAX are held.
Home of Rockman Deus Ex Machina, Rockman 2 Endless and Rockman Mindroar created by Misty.

NES Homebrews

Kuwata's Game Page (クワタ)
Home of Rockman Z and Rockman 2000.
Chinese Pagent Page

New York City Subway 
Info on New York City Subway stations.
Rico Yuzen's Website
Lulla Miyuki's website

Sumie Kaneko Music