Insectduel's Remodeling Projects

Here you can download some of Insectduel's remodeling projects or someone related to them. Keep in mind that you can only redistribute them as IPS Patches and not Pre-Patched ROMs if you want to upload them into your own webpage. If you want any IPS patches made by Ririka Sakuranbo from Starlight Navigation, they are exclusive here.

Note to Flashback Entertainment, NES Reproductions, Gamereproductions, Chipmasters, JC Retail & 8 Bit Evolution: If we caught you selling our games without our authorization will have your store reported to the DMCA and the original copyright owners meaning that Insectduel's Domain will have to close your store down for copyright infringement. DO NOT SELL OUR GAMES!

To Flashback Entertainment shoppers, you may use our games to personally make you a custom cartridge for yourself which cost you $60 for NES and $55 for SNES in commission but you cannot have our games to be on display and cannot be resold without authorization from us first. Our games should be donated for free! Violators will take LEGAL actions meaning that we will PUT YOUR ASS TO COURT!

We're making changes to our file cabinet page of how our games work in your store. Here's a list of certain games that can be made into a reproduction cartridge from the makers of Flashback Entertainment & 8-Bit Evolution ONLY. NO ONE ELSE! Games are labeled in the following which go into effect very soon.

ATTENTION: This website may remove some of Nintendo based ROM-Hacks and/or documents anytime soon prevent copyright takedown notices and other lawsuit related issues. Other romhacks that is not based on Nintendo's IP will remain on our webpage. For now we are in the safe zone for any legal actions.

All Nintendo IP based ROM-Hacks are currently CANNOT be used as reproductions until I am ready to give permission.

After World 8 is no longer downloaded from this website. If you want to download my original creations, please find the game elsewhere.

This game can be made into a reproduction cartridge.

This game is in beta and cannot be made into a reproduction cartridge without the consent from the author.

This game CANNOT be made into a reproduction cartridge at all times.