All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros Project - Ron-Chan's Adventure

ろんちゃんの Adventure

Ever want to be part of the SMB1 engine project?  As an experienced SMB1 and SMB2J hacker, you have seen many great SMB1 hacks such as my afterworld 8, AP's aftersmb2j hack, YY's SMB hack, Acmlm's Strange Mario Bros, Googie's team SMB1 hack, Darkdata's Peach SMB1 hack and even more.

Ron-Chan's Adventure is a hack of All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. which takes a complete new character and gameplay to a whole new level. As the master himself will save all 7 singers and including Princess Peach (Yes it's Peach, not Toadstool). But it's changed to the name of Nanako for this game.

In the year 2010 in the month of August, a super handsome person named Ron-Chan was created as he met an Japanese actress named Nanako Mastsushima. Nanako Mastsushima sent Ron-Chan on an errand to buy ingrediants in order to bake a cake for her wedding. However, his absence lead an unknown person to kidnap Nanako. Will Ron-Chan save her? The same person also held 7 of the famous Japanese singers captive in each of the lands.

Inspired by An SMWC Production, the Insectduel team has decided to do an All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team project. Of course, I am the team leader and I will also take part of the project such as coding, level designing, graphics designer and even more.


Several ROM-Hacking forums has the same topic thread. Currently SMW Central, ROM-Hacking dot net, Vizzed, and Zophar's Domain.

For any ROM-Hackers who have Facebook accounts if you like to join the project, YOU MUST RSVP our event page here. We will send you to our private group page where we discuss the issues of my project.

Expire date is November 14th 2012, wish all of you best of luck.