Copyright Notices

We're taking things very seriously and making sure everyone has their own rights. Our policy is not to infringe copyright of others. Whether is ROM-Remodeling or not. When we write our blogs, we use our own photos or photos that are tagged by a friend with the person's image. We do not take/steal other people's pics without permission unless we ask their permission first. But we credit the person who originally took the photo. We also do not video or audio record any music performances unless we get permission from the artists. This leads to piracy and people WILL find a way to download the music videos from concerts on Facebook or other video streams and sold it illegally which can be liable for damages. 

Insectduel's Domain plays by the rules, when someone says no photography, videos, audios, etc in an event, we do not condone that rule and we respect other people's privacy. Even though we had permission from performers, we do not need to break the rules just because the performers wanted you to. During the photography or video recording, we do not take pics of any sexual content and never will. Including any pics containing clevage shots or other inappropiate shoots and will go to the personal profile page instead and set it to private. We approved the pics before posting onto the Insectduel's Domain fan page and we DO delete them if not approved. 

Due to copyright laws, we have to make sure that Insectduel's Domain on the YouTube channel or Facebook video page will never upload a video that infringes copyright such as the music video from the Third-Party company or they will be given a strike if caught. 3 strikes can lead into termination.

ROM-Remodeling Copyright

If a ROM-Hack is converted into a real cartridge and sold it for profit, then it is a copyright infringement of both Insectduel's Domain and a license video game company. Posting the ROM-Hack illegally in torrent files or post them pre-patched is also infringing the copyright holders and makers of the game. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Do not use them as donated perks either.

Insectduel's Photography or Video Taping Consent Policy

People take their cameras with them to many different places and photograph or videotape lots of people doing different things. Depending on what you videotaped or photographed and where you used your camera, you just might expose yourself to a lawsuit unless you got consent from the people that you taped or photographed.
You can't help but videotape or photograph other people when you take your camera and go out to a crowded place or out by yourself and shoot photographs or movies of some scene that interests you. Be careful, if you intend to sell the videotape to a local television news company or publish it in the local paper or social networking website. If someone is featured in that shot or footage, that person just might sue you for invasion of privacy unless you obtained their consent.
Videotaping and Photography Laws around Insectduel
Be aware that I do post some videos and photos of myself via social networking site, does NOT mean you can use them and claim your work as your own which is illegal and violation of copyright. (Such as using pics to create an online video stream) The only exception to use my images is to have permission OR if my photos or videos has your image which you can use them without asking. Failure to comply including counterclaims will be punished!