The Storm finally ended,

and a once living world became still. All life was gone, and the land lay abandoned, choked into nothingness. With no mortals left, the rulers became powerless, and one after the other, the demigods departed. Others stood ready to fill the gaps of their mighty masters, but not for long. In the end there was nothing, and no one.

Imagine a future very far away, when eventually a visitor from a different galaxy bumps into earth, when the sun already has lost most of its energy and no living thing is crawling across the face of the dying planet.

This is the fate of all material things.

This is the fate of holy mission too.

Visit the cemetary of holy mission. Cry over the graves of many brave warriors!

Herp of Holy Mission

Holy Mission,

is an abandoned MUD founded in 1992 by Herp the Orc. Badly damaged and abandoned in 2002, the world was placed into the trusty hands of a group of former players. Holy Mission was a well structured and popular MUD in the 90s, but unable to keep pace with standards of today. Efforts to revive and repopulate the world failed, and it was decided that many things had to be changed to get players back into the game. In October 2005, Remains from the past was founded as a programming project with goals and directions formed by our common and most valuable wishes:

  1. Our first and foremost objective is to preserve all areas, monsters, items, abilities, skills, spells and quests of Holy Mission.
  2. Our second objective is to put together all code from the dead spin offs of Holy Mission and to allow our fans to visit their old playground.
  3. Our final objective is a credit list of all contributers of holy mission.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to Holy Mission 1, Holy Mission 2, Holy Mission 99, Holy Mission 3 and Unholy Lands.