Bubble Safari Stove

Quest icon looks like THIS

UPDATE 6/5/2012 - just got the quest so you all probably will too! I was immediately bumped to goal 6 when I placed stove because I have been playing the game ahead of time!
(Since my levels are high, I did not know what goals 2-5 are - but Norm and Annette filled me in - Thanks guys!) 

Goal 1: Place stove ( you have to put one away to make room)
Goal 2: Complete level 1 of Bubble Safari (Thanks Norm and Annette)
Goal 3: Complete level 6 of Bubble Safari (thanks Norm and Annette)
Goal 4: Complete level 18 of Bubble Safari (thanks Annette for this info!)
Goal 5: Complete level 30 of Bubble Safari (thanks Norm for info!)
Goal 6: Complete level 42 on Bubble Safari, cook 10 of an 8 hour dish, and spice 5 stoves - this unlocks burner #5
Goal 7: begins asking for parts . get 11 safari plates, cook 11 of a 12 hr dish, and spice 10 stoves. (wish all our goals were this easy!)
Goal 8: Complete lvl 48 on Bubble Safari, serve 11 of an 8 hour dish, spice 10 stoves.
Goal 9 : get 1 safari bolt, 11 safari coils, cook 11 of a 12 hour dish
Goal 10 LAST ONE! Complete level 54 of Bubble Safari, get 11 Safari Rings, cook 11 of an 8 hour dish. ALL DONE!!!!

Then go HERE for help with using GIDs

 Safari Coil

 Safari Ring

 Safari Plates

 Safari Bolt

Goal 10 : ultra burner

THIS PIC sent in by NORM (Thanks Norm!)