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1990 Chevy Astro Tiger GTv8 pop-up RV/Camper originally by Provan of CO. 1990 Chevy Astro Tiger GTv8 pop-up RV/Camper originally by Provan of CO. My Popup Tiger GT on 
2003 White AWD POS Beater - my $400 special :) My 03 on 
1988 Provan Tiger GT popup - TreeTiger 88 TreeTiger on 
Vortec Pancake Distributor Disease - AKA Dumbass distributor drive gear. Vortec Pancake Distributor Disease - AKA Dumbass distributor drive gear. 
$3 AUX input on factory radio Easily add an AUX input to your factory radio for about $3 
Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter and Car Gauge Pro(OBD2+Enhanced) by Scantech Cheap and effective. 
Opt out of Vig-link The bastards mess with everyones posts, but hey it's all in the name of $ 
Noscript Noscript - blocks javascript for sites, which helps block ads, bloat, and save bandwidth/increase speed 
Adblock Browser for Mobile Devices It blocks virtually ALL advertisements, works pretty well. 
Leaf Spring Tech Read this before you modify or upgrade your leaf springs. 
Rockauto and Google, a parts match made in heaven.  AKA: Finding the best prices for parts 
RPO Codes by VIN (NO LONGER WORKING) Enter VIN #, click search, click on VCVS to see RPO codes. 
General Brake Performance Upgrade Information from StopTech It's a good read! 
Free VIN History Report Enter your VIN, get a free history report, not as complete as some, more complete than others. 
uBlock Origin for your browser Blocks Ads and crap, kind of like a lightweight Adblock Plus. Very light weight, uses less resources than the others. 
Free User and Repair Manuals and Docs Free service/repair/user manuals All available for free online. 
Skip White Performance 4.3 Vortec Distributor 6671-BK (also on ebay) 6671-BK not available from SWP anymore, see pancake distributor disease page 
GM Techline eSI MiniXP Search for a virtual machine MiniXP with gm techline esi installed Recommended to use with Virtualbox 
Search with Google* Because the built in search sucks. http://zlibraryexau2g3p.onion 
GM Techline OVA Mediafire zapy96kidk1yjbp 
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