Chapters 21-22: Water Pollution, Solid and Hazardous Waste

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Quizlet for Chapter 21

Quizlet for Chapter 22

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Chapters 21-22 PowerPoint

Review Guide for Chapters 21-22

Day 1:(Mon)(4/9/2018)

Videos of Midway Island

TedEd talk on Charles Moore and Plastics

FRQ on Water Pollution

Day 2:(Wed)

Start CAFO Activity

Day 3:(Thur)

Outside Research

Make list of pros and cons of CAFO's and Contamination

Day 4:(Fri)


Watch short video on waste spraying and Lynn Henning

Vocab Quiz

Day 5:(Mon)

Watch Videos on Waste Water Treatment

FRQ on e-Waste

Day 6:(Tue)

Outside Research

FRQ on Solid Waste

Day 7:(Wed)

Computer Assignment on Contaminants in Rivers

Day 8:(Thur)(4/19/2018)

Lecture Quiz


Mercury in Fish Activity Parts I and II

Day 9:(Fri)


Mercury in Fish Parts III and IV

Electrofishing video

Day 10:(Mon)

FRQ on Solid Waste


Day 11:(Tue)

FRQ on Sewage Disposal


Day 12:(Wed)

Go to computer lab 3 and work on HABs assignment

Complete Lecture

Day 12:(Thur)

Outside Research

Day 12:(Fri)(4/27/2018)



Radioactivity and Half-Life Activity

HW: Read and Summarize Avian Botulism Distressed..., BP Oil Spill... and E.Coli. articles

Not Covering this year.Disposal of Nuclear Waste Demo

Start Nitrate and Phosphate Lab

Willow Creek Water Quality Survey

Sockey Scents