Chapter 15

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 15: #1,4,10,12,13,15a-e, 17,21,23, 25,27,34,35,39,44,47,53,61,63,65.

Chapter PowerPoint

Summary and Practice Problems

Answers to Even Problems

Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III


Day 1:(Mon)(1/29/2018)

Review Ch. 11-12 and Ch. 14 Test

Day 2:(Tue)

Intro lecture

Day 3:(Wed)

Lectured through #39.

Day 4:(Thur)

Completed lecture ending with Le Chatelier Principle

Day 5:(Fri)

Equilibrium Pre-Lab

Day 6:(Mon)

Equilibrium Lab

Day 7:(Tue)

Group Quiz

Day 8: (Wed)

Go over quiz and HW. Review

Day 8: (Wed)(2/8/2018)


Link to Assignments

Equilibrium Lab

Very Good Video on Fritz Haber