Chapter 17

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 17: #4,6,7,9,15,17,21,31,37,41,45,51,59,61,67,71.

This is a lot of problems and they can be time consuming, so skip as many as you like, but try to get an understanding.

Chapter PowerPoint

Summary and Sample Problems

Lecture I

Lecture II

Answers to even problems

Review for Chapter 17

Day 1:(Mon)(2/26/2018)

Started first two example problems

Day 2:(Tue)

Introduced Henderson-Hasselbalch equation

More problems through pH of a weak acid at equivalence point

Day 3:(Wed)

Continued working on problems in packet

Day 4:(Thur)

Continued going over problems in packet

Day 5:(Fri)

Snow Day

Day 6:(Mon)

Buffer Lab Set up

Day 7:(Tue)

Practice setting up buffer solutions

Day 8:(Wed)

Run Buffer Lab

Complete Buffer Lab questions

Day 9: (Thur)

Lecture Ksp and complete lecture and problems

Day 10: (Fri)

Group Quiz

Day 11: (Mon)(3/12/2018)

Go over HW and review for test

Day 12: (Tue)(3/13/2018)