Chapters 14-15: Water, Geology and Nonrenewable Mineral Resources

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Day 1:(Mon)(1/8/2018)

Cookie Mining Lab

Day 2:(Tue)

Generating Heat

Lectured up through Mt. Vesuvius

Day 3:(Wed)

Lectured mining and two videos on subterranean mining.

Day 4:(Thur)

Acid Mine Video for FRQ


Day 5:(Fri)

Mining Video-Day 1

Day 6:(Tue)

Mining Video-Day 2

Day 7:(Wed)

How Much Space do We Need?

Day 8:(Thur)

Salton Sea Discussion

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Day 9:(Fri)

Complete Salton Sea Discussion

Lecture Water Uses

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Day 10:(Mon)

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Day 11:(Tue)

Kahoot Review

Day 12:(Wed-Fri)(1/24-1/26/2018)

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Water Loss Activity


Dichotomous Key Activity

Testing Chemicals for Salmon-EC