Chapter 6

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 6: #11,17,19,22,24,25,28,33,43,51,53,55,62,65,69,71.

A lot of this material is probably review from your chemistry class. We will try to rush through.

Chapter PowerPoint.

Summary and Practice Problems

Review for Chapter 6

Answers to Even Problems

Lecture I

Lecture II

Lecture III

Day 1:(Fri)(10/10/2019)

Started lecture on speed of light vs wavelength vs frequency. Problem # 17, 25

Day 2:(Mon)

Lectured more on energy, wavelength and frequency.

Problem # 26, 28, 37

Day 3:(Tue)

Lecture on DeBroglie and Heisenberg

Day 4:(Wed)

Molecular Weight of Acid X Lab

Day 5:(Thur)

Complete Molecular Weight of Acid X Lab

Day 6:(Fri)

Electron Configuration lecture, quantum numbers

Complete lecture, review.

Day 7: (Mon)(10/23/2017)

Chapter 6 Test.

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