Chapter 1

Here are the assignments for chapter 1 and the PowerPoint for the first three chapters. I am not printing out copies and will generally go through the PowerPoint rather quickly. Just make notes for any slides you may like to review later. These files will be posted all year.

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 1: #7,8,9,17,19,22,25,33,35,37,39,43,47,49,51,65.

I do not require that you do all problems. If you are looking at a problems and know for sure you can handle it, then you may skip it. Just remember, that your test and practice for the AP Test will come from these or similar problems, so make sure you are prepared.

Chapter PowerPoint

Chapter Summary and In-Class Problems

Review Guide


Day 1:(Tue)(9/3/2019)

Very brief intro.

Day 2:(Wed)

Go over web site, Syllabus, and keys to success

Day 3:(Thur)

Get to know you activity

Safety sheets and contract

Lecture though Chapter 1

Day 4:(Fri)(9/7/2018)

Do problems from Chapter 1

Lecture Chapter 2

Day 5:(Mon)

Finish lecture on Ch. 2

Do problems from Chapter 2

Day 6:(Tue)

Start lecture on Ch. 3

Do problems on Ch. 3

Day 7:(Wed)

Finished problems on Ch. 3

Open questions on Chapters 1 & 2

Day 8:(Thur)

Set-up expectations for clock reaction.

How to make up solutions

Day 9:(Fri)(9/13/2019)

Run clock reaction lab.

Day 10:(Mon)

Ch. 3 Problems

Lecture Ch. 4

Day 11:(Tue)

Quiz (Not graded.)

Demo on strong electrolytes.

Day 12:(Wed)

Complete lecture on Chapter 4

Day 13:(Thur)

Problems on Chapter 4.

Discuss titration technique

Discuss Chromatography lab

Day 14:(Fri)(9/20/2019)

Run Chromatography Lab

Day 15:(Mon)

Answer questions on Chapters 3 & 4

Complete lab

Day 16:(Tue)

Multiple Choice Test for Chapter 1-4

Day 17:(Wed)

FRQ Portion of test