Chapter 2: Science, Systems, Matter and Energy

Day 1:(Wed)(9/18/2019)

Went outside to confirm research project.

Day 2:(Thurs)

Made folder for Outdoor Research Project

Tragedy of the Commons FRQ

Went over MTU Research Project

Day 3:(Fri)

Work, Power and Energy Activity (Create Data Table)

Day 4:(Mon)

Collect Data for Work, Energy, Power

Day 5:(Tue)

Create flowchart for calculations

Quizlet for Ch. 1 and 2

Day 6:(Wed)(9/25/2019)

Collect Data for Project

Lecture Quiz

Day 7:(Thur)

Insight Maker for Work, Energy and Power

Day 8:(Fri)

Test Review

Day 9:(Mon)(1030/2019)

Test on Chapter 1 and 2