Chapter 1: Environmental Problems, Their Causes, and Sustainability

Chapter 1 PowerPoint

Summary for PowerPoint

Lecture I

Lecture II

Quizlet for Chapter 1.

Day 1:(Tue)(9/3/2019)

Rate Environmental Concerns

Day 2:(Wed)

Intro to Environmental Science

Course Syllabus

Ice Breaker and Information Sheet

Day 3:(Thur)

Website resources

Go over Ice Breaker

Day 4:(Fri)


Safety Sheet

Day 5:(Mon)

Went outside to get ideas on our year long research project.

Day 6:(Tue)

Watch the Lorax

Read the Truax

Day 7:(Wed)

Read and Discuss Tragedy of the Commons

Day 8:(Thur)

Complete and Discuss Tragedy of the Commons

Sign up for year long project

Day 9:(Fri)(9/13/2019)

Tragedy of the Commons Activity

Day 10:(Mon)

Analyzing Your Ecological Footprint Activity in LRC, (Fourth and Fifth Hour : Lab 2, Sixth Hour: Lab 3)

Day 11:(Tue)(9/17/2019)

Lecture 1 Quiz

Where Have All the Salmon Gone? Activity

Michigan Map Activity

For the Common Good