Chapter 20

Here are the assigned problems for Chapter 20: #1,3,9,17,19,23,27,29,35,37,41,45,47,49,51,53,65,67,69,77,79,85,90,94.

Chapter PowerPoint

Lecture I

Lecture II

Summary and Practice Problems

Balancing Redox Equations Lecture

Answers to Balancing Redox Equations Worksheet


Day 1:(Tue)(3/27/2018)

Go over Ch. 17 Test

Redox equation practice

Day 2:(Wed)

Writing Chemical Reactions Worksheets

Day 3:(Thur)

Voltaic Cells

Worked through #35, #17, 21 in HW

Day 4:(Mon)(4/9/2018)

Lecture through SHE and #27 and HW #35 and 41

Day 5:(Tue)

No School-SAT

Day 6:(Wed)

Half-day Review

Day 7:(Thur)

Lectured through Nernst Equation and HW#47

Day 8:(Fri)

Lectured concentration and voltage, corrosion and HW#51 and 67

Lectured electrolysis and HW#94

Day 9:(Mon)(4/16/2018)

Oxidation Lab

Day 10:(Tue)

Complete Oxidation Lab

Day 11:(Wed)


Day 12:(Thur)

Go over quiz and HW questions.

Day 13:(Fri)